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Here are some of the things you can use as chicken treats (and a few things that you shouldn’t):

Fruit:  No banana peels, No grape seeds, Just about anything else is ok, Cold watermelon is great during extreme summer heat!

Veggies: No uncooked potato, Most others are ok cooked or raw, Leftover corn and green beans are a favorite in my coop, Hang a head of lettuce or cabbage just above their heads to entertain them for hours!  Green veggies are great in the winter when they don’t have much green grass, Mine love cooked celery and carrots, but will also eat them raw.

Grains: Fresh or stale bread, Dry or cooked oatmeal, Cooked rice, spaghetti, or grits, Popped Corn, Scratch.

Protein:  Scrambled eggs, Cooked meat and poultry scraps, Mealworms.

Dairy: Milk, Yogurt, My chicks LOVED shredded cheese!

Leftovers:  If you would eat it, your chickens can eat it!  I have fed my chickens things that were a little “past their prime” – but I never give them obviously spoiled or moldy food.  I’m also careful about foods that might have a lot of salt, which can be bad for chickens.

This list is far from complete.  These are just some things I have tried with success in my coop.  Every flock of chickens is different.  Although I have found that flock mentality wins out and whatever one loves, they all love.  Just try different snacks until you find what your flock loves.  Soon they will know that you are the one who brings them treats and even the shyest chickens will come running when they see you.  With my first flock, I would clap and call them every time I brought out a snack.  Soon all I had to do was come outside and clap to bring them all running.  It came in very handy when they were free ranging and I needed to put them in the coop for one reason or another.


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