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Homemade From Scratch

It’s almost a new year!  And I have several new ideas that I’d like to try here at Read My Chicken Scratch.  I think this is my favorite idea of all, and I hope you’ll agree.

I know that you have great recipes to share.  Maybe it’s something that your family has made for generations, or something you just came up with in your own kitchen last week.  But not everyone has a blog to share these great stories and recipes.  I want to give you a stage where you can show off a bit. I want to share your stories and photos.  I want to make you the star of your own blog post!

So I have a few rules that MUST be followed, and also a few guidelines that would be helpful to me or to you.


  1. Please e-mail submissions to  Put “HOMEMADE” in all caps in the subject line.
  2. Please give credit where credit is due.  If you know that grandma’s coconut cream pie recipe came off the side of a box, let us know that.  It’s ok!  I realize that nobody is perfect and you may not know where the recipe came from, but we want to try our best to always link to original authors/magazines/companies/etc. who may have published these recipes.
  3. Please include at least one picture of yourself or the member of your family that made this recipe.  The better the picture quality, the easier it makes my job, but if a fuzzy shot of Aunt Doreen is all you’ve got, I’ll take what I can get.  (For those techie enough to understand this – I resize all my pics to a width of 640 pixels.  Don’t feel like you need to send a huge, high-resolution photo.  They take forever to e-mail if they even come through at all, and then I’ll just be sizing them down to 640 anyway.)  If you have absolutely no way of getting me a picture (no digital camera or camera phone, no way to scan one) don’t let that prevent you from sending your recipe, but let me know what the problem is and maybe we can work around it another way.
  4. Please send me your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google + information, and I will tag you in any social media shares if possible.
  5. Everyone who submits a recipe will receive a response from me.  If you don’t get that response, it’s possible that I didn’t receive your e-mail or it got stuck in my spam filter.  Feel free to resend or contact me another way (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to check.
  6. By submitting your recipe, you are giving permission for me to publish it to my blog, with proper credit given to you as the author.  You are also giving permission for me to edit it as needed (if you have a problem with my edits, you can contact me and we’ll work something out).  I will tag you if possible on social media shares.  I have no control over other bloggers who may choose to steal content – but I have addressed that in my Policy Regarding Use of Content.


  1. Please be as specific as possible in your recipe.  I’ll be recreating these dishes to photograph for the blog, so it is helpful to know things like how fine to chop the nuts or how thick to roll the dough.  If I do something different than you would have or if I misunderstand your instructions, please be understanding.
  2. I LOVE a heartfelt or funny family story, so if you can include one I’d love to share it.
  3. If your recipe includes alcohol, please try to offer a non-alcoholic alternative ingredient for those who prefer not to go to the liquor store on our weekly grocery run.
  4. Please don’t be offended if you send a recipe and do not see it featured on the blog.  I might try your recipe and be unable to duplicate it in my kitchen for some reason or not have the right equipment or appliances needed.  There are a number of reasons it might not work out – but I promise I’ll do my best!

I’m so excited to see what you have to share!


  1.  {Homemade From Scratch by YOU!} Darryn's Chocolate Caramel Cake - RMCS

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