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When J-Bear was just a little guy, he always thought he had to have a Capri Sun and a baggie of Cheerios in the little backpack that he carried with him everywhere he went. Now that he’s officially a teenager, he’s back to wanting snack on hand at all times, but he thought he had outgrown his favorite drink.  That was before we heard about the Capri Sun Big Pouch available at Walmart.  The Big Pouch tastes just as awesome as the little ones did, but these are cool enough for my teenager to rock in the lunch room.  His favorite is the Capri Sun Big Pouch Fruit Punch.

You can see more of our trip to Walmart on Google+.

J-Bears Old Fave #shop

Capri Sun is hosting a contest with Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History.  Anyone over 13 can enter, so of course, J-Bear was psyched to do it.  Our family loves watching American Pickers together, and Mr. Fix It is a “collector of fine antiques and arcade items” (i.e. borderline hoarder) so we knew we’d have plenty of treasures (i.e. junk) for J-Bear to pick through.

First he had to assemble his picking kit.  He included a pair of gloves, since some of the “treasures” in our shed and shop building are rough or broken.  He added a flashlight to see back in those dark corners where the best goodies hide, and a bandanna to keep the sweat out of his eyes.  It’s humid here in Oklahoma! A notebook and pen and a cool old messenger bag rounded out his kit.

Picking Kit #CapriSunPickers #shop

He started out in an old shed on our property.  I was a nervous wreck as he climbed in, but Mr. Fix It assured me that he’d been back there and J-Bear wouldn’t hurt himself since most of what was stacked on the floor was carpet and carpet pad.  J-Bear zeroed in on this super cool old bowling pin.  He loved it, but mom vetoed it since he said it had a beer logo on it.  (Turns out that said “Brunswick”, not “Budweiser” dear.  I think we need to brush up on your phonics.  LOL) He moved to the shop and found several things there that caught his interest.

#CapriSunPickers #shop

In the end, he decided to submit an old 1965 jukebox as his entry.  When we watched this webisode about the contest, we learned that we would need a caption and that we were supposed to “make Mike laugh!”, so J-Bear thought a while and decided to go with “Now THAT’S an iPod!”  He also told how Mr. Fix It paid less than $100 for this several years ago, and we found a similar one on ebay for $350.  Now Mr. Fix It has a new project to add to his list, fixing this up for J-Bears room!

J-Bear's #CapriSunPickers Pick #shop

Find your own cool item to submit.  Just go to to upload a pic.  You could win your own picking kit including a messenger bag, magnifying glass, gloves, bandanas, flashlights, journal, pen, t-shirt, kid pickers book, and carabiners.  One lucky winner (plus 3 guests) will even win a trip to Nashville to meet Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History.  They will even get to do a half day pick with him.  J-Bear thinks that is way cool and he is positive that he will win.  Do you think you can beat him?

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