Proverbs from Poultry

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A few months ago I shared this post about a conference I’d attended.  There were some speakers there that really – – – well – – – spoke to me.  LOL One of them was Leah Arnold.  I was intrigued when I saw the title of her presentation – Proverbs from Poultry.  And when I… Read more »

J-Ella is Hearing Wedding Bells

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I’ve mentioned this on Facebook, but nothing is official until you’ve blogged it… My beautiful baby girl is getting married.   She and her fella make such a cute couple.   And they share the same goofy quirky wonderful sense of humor.   Today we get to go shop for wedding dresses!  I’m going to… Read more »

Nanny’s New Year’s Tradition

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Nanny always had two New Years traditions.  One was common, eating black-eyed peas (yuck!).  The other was not so common.  She tried to do everything on New Year’s Day that she wanted to be able to do in the coming year.  Her list always included cleaning house, shopping and fishing (no matter what the weather!)…. Read more »

My Thanksgiving Thankfulness Journal

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This is not a blog post for you. It’s a blog post for me. It won’t be full of pictures or carefully chosen words. It’s just me, reminding myself of all the things I have to thank God for. I won’t, I can’t, be complete here. If I did, this post would be 5,000 words… Read more »

Start Your Engines! Forza 4 and M&M’s

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My family loves playing video games – and video games with cool cars are a special bonus.  So when we had the opportunity to check out Forza 4, we jumped at the chance.  We had so much fun planning our get together and deciding on the perfect “gaming” snack to prepare.  Nobody has time for… Read more »