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This is not a blog post for you. It’s a blog post for me. It won’t be full of pictures or carefully chosen words. It’s just me, reminding myself of all the things I have to thank God for. I won’t, I can’t, be complete here. If I did, this post would be 5,000 words easy. But it’s a start.

1. My husband, Mr. Fix It. It took two utterly failed marriages and my own admission to myself that I couldn’t pick a good man to save my soul to bring me to him.
2. My daughter, J-Ella. She is beautiful, and because of her, I can see beauty in myself. She is lovely inside and out.
3. My son, J-Bear. He brings me more laughter and joy than I ever expected.
4. My “other daughter”, Josie. She is my reminder that you can always find a reason to smile.
5. My parents. They taught me how to be graceful under pressure, how to make much from a little, and too many other things to write here.
6. My Grandma and Grandpa Hall. They taught me that working hard for the Lord is never in vain.
7. My Nanny and Grandpa Brooks. They taught me to put family first. They taught me that hard work can be fun if you decide to make it fun. They taught me to love with all my heart.
8. My brother, who I loved to pester and pick on, like a good big sister should. He was also a built in best friend every time we moved and a great secret keeper. He’s the only other person on earth who knows what it was like to grow up in our house and spend summers with Nanny and Grandpa.
9.My aunts and uncles and cousins who taught me to cherish connections to my past and how a family’s love can transcend time and space apart.
10. My friends. Those precious few who have pushed past my walls and into my heart.
11. My church family. They show us such love and support. They We are a very small family with a very big heart.
12. My home. It is small. It is cluttered. There are only two tiny closets and half as many cabinets as I need. But it is warm. It is cozy. It is ours.
13. My cars, that my Mr Fix It can keep running through anything.
14. Mr Fix It’s job. He truly enjoys what he does. He doesn’t enjoy the drama, politics, or down time. But give him an airplane to fix, a problem to solve, and he is a happy man. His income gives me the flexibility to stay home and care for Josie, and his benefits provide for most of her needs.
15. This blog (and many blogger friends I can learn from). It gives me an outlet and something to work on. It provides me with a little “shopping money”. But mostly it gives me a way to interact with all of you.
16. YOU. I’m thankful for each of you who take the time to read my ramblings and especially those who take a moment to comment.
17. Faith in God. And His willingness to take one as evil as me on as a project, making me more like Himself every day.

As I said. It isn’t a complete list. I could go on for years. Maybe I’ll just do a Part 2 next year, and so on until I finish (I know I’ll never finish). Thank you for taking time to Read My Chicken Scratch.

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