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Still not sure what we’re talking about?  It’s coffee!

It’s not just coffee – it’s coffee on the go.  Just heat your water or milk, drop in a few Jiva cubes (1 for every 4-6 oz.), and stir.


Wait – do you mean instant coffee?  Are you picturing those instant coffee crystals your mom used in the 70’s, because I kind of was.  But that isn’t this.

I’ll admit.  I came late to coffee.  I didn’t drink even a dozen cups in my 20’s.  It was always a little too bitter, a little too strong, and just something I didn’t enjoy without lots of sugar and creamer.  But as I’ve become a 40-something, I’ve really begun to enjoy coffee.  I still like my sugar and creamer, but I don’t need as much.  I still don’t like the sometimes bitter flavor, if I detect any at all, in goes more sugar and creamer to mellow it out.

So I always try new coffee with a bit of caution.  I never know what to expect.  When I tried Jiva, I made my first cup in milk.  I knew that it was sweetened, so I didn’t add anything else.  And it was good!  I decided to throw caution to the wind and try a cup made in water with nothing added in.  And guess what.  It was good too!  No bitter taste and just lightly sweet.  Yes, I can drink this without adding a thing.

Jiva coffee cubes are made with just three ingredients.

  • Panela (raw, unrefined cane sugar)
  • 100% Columbian Coffee
  • USDA Organic Flavoring Extracts (in flavored coffees only)

Simple goodness.

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Now for some great news.  The Pitch List is giving away a Jiva prize pack ($100 value) including:

  • 24 pack of Classic Jiva cubes
  • 24 pack of Caramel Jiva cubes
  • 24 pack of Hazelnut Jiva cubes
  • 24 pack of Hot Chocolate Jiva cubes
  • 24 pack of Caramel Hot Chocolate Jiva cubes
  • PLUS a Jiva mug



The Pitch List is so happy to work with great companies like

jiva button Jiva Cubes – Coffee comes in cubes? Jiva coffee cubes is a delicious mixture of world renowned Colombian coffee beans and raw, unrefined cane sugar called Panela.

Jiva Cubes work with Farmers in the National Federation of Coffee Farmers in Colombia, which allows the company to form relationships with them and their crops. It also allows Jiva to ensure that their ingredients are Fair-Trade and always socially & environmentally conscious.

This is your chance to try a simple full bodied taste in your cup!

Jiva is giving away a wonderful prize pack!

24 count box of each flavor… Classic, Caramel, Hazelnut, hot choc, caramel hot choc PLUS a Jiva mug. ($100 value)

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15 Responses to “{Review & Giveaway} What On Earth is Jiva?”

  1. Samantha

    What an interesting product….I love that they use organic flavorings and that the sugar is raw, unrefined cane sugar…the French Vanilla also looks delicious.

  2. lola

    what a great idea you can have coffee or cocoa any time now would love this i love cocoa and coffee

  3. Char W

    Thanks for the reminder that I need to reorder. I’m thinking of giving them as gifts on special days.

    • Becky

      Thanks Erin! I love it too. It was a Christmas gift from my thoughtful brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I wasn’t sure how well it would show up in pictures, really glad it did!

  4. Ashley C

    Did you prefer the Java with water or coffee more? I know my household, it was better with milk – it tasted very “thin” and “water-y” feeling.

    • Becky

      We preferred the hot chocolate with milk, but I thought the coffee was good either way. I usually put creamer in coffee, so milk was closer to what I’m used to. But I was impressed that I liked it in water without creamer too. Did you put in enough cubes? I did usually make mine with the max # (3 cubes in a 12 oz. mug – so 1/4oz).


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