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This week I get to give one of my amazing readers one of my favorite gifts!  I love Christmas, and giving (and receiving) really thoughtful gifts. And few gifts are as personal and thoughtful as a special piece of jewelry from The Vintage Pearl.

Win $50 at The Vintage Pearl

I have several pieces from The Vintage Pearl in my jewelry box, and each one brings to mind a special person or event. When I wear one I find myself touching it throughout the day and thinking of my precious ones. And there is a piece for nearly every occasion you can imagine.


One of my favorite new items in The Vintage Pearl collection is the Eclectic Spoon Charm necklace.  That’s the item on my Christmas wish list.  I’d love to have one with Nanny and her two sister’s initials (hint hint Mr. Fix It, that would  be J, M, and L).  They were best friends, and now that they aren’t here with us, I’d love to have this to remember their sweet and fun relationship.

The Sisters

With a this $50 credit at The Vintage Pearl, you can choose a piece to remind you of your favorite people and relationships, too.  Or you could buy a special gift for one of your favorite people, just in time for Christmas.  We will choose a winner this Friday, so you should have plenty of time to place your order and have it under the tree by Christmas day.

Good luck!  I can’t wait to see who wins. {And I’d love it if you’d send me a picture of the piece you choose and tell me why it’s special to you!}


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45 Responses to “Win $50 to Spend at The Vintage Pearl”

  1. Marilyn Whitecotton

    Becky, It was good to see you last week. The Vintage Pearl jewelry would be a great gift, hope I win.

  2. Britni Tallman

    I personally love all of their stuff but I really like the photographers piece, would love to give it to my sister!

  3. Shawn B!

    Crushing on the our christmas family tree ornament… Have 6 littles, so they can’t all fit on most pieces! This one works?

  4. Donna Simpson

    I really can’t make up my mind which piece I’d chose over the others! LOVE so many of the necklaces, especially the Chunky Cross, the Vintage Faith, and the You Grew in My Heart. What wonderful pieces!

  5. Anna G

    I have the eclectic charm bracelet that has a charm for every race run since I started running and my weight loss journey. I need to catch up and order a few charms for races run and my 100 pounds lost charm! So if I win, it will be a Christmas/Birthday gift to myself! 🙂

  6. A-C

    I couldn’t figure out how to leave a blog post after clicking the link to the Vintage Pearl. I would so love to win this. I have been dying for one of their pieces for a long time but haven’t had the funds to get it. My cat is my baby, my life, etc. and we have both been facing some of the same medical conditions this last year. She is more special to me than I could put into words. I love the “though she be small, she is fierce” piece, however, I am no longer seeing it on their site. If I won this, I think I would see if they could still make that piece.

  7. Tai Bender

    Great giveaway! I love all things vintage pearl. Especially the necklaces! Love the vintage love bird necklace right now

  8. Amanda

    I love the “eclectic spoon charms”! It makes me think of my Mom and I know she would love them!

  9. Terry Lee

    Golden Eternity Heart. No, Your Who I Love. No, Layered Circle of Love. Really, Do I have to pick just one? If I do, I’m going to have to go with the Golden Eternity Heart…. I just LOVE it (and the other two I listed).


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