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Mr Fix It:  HONEY – have you seen the ice scraper?!?

Me: (ducking my head and mumbling) I think it might be in the chicken coop…

Mr Fix It:  And why would it be in the chicken coop?

Me: Because I’ve been cleaning the coop with it.  I was gonna buy you a new one…

Yes, this was a real conversation in our house last winter.  He didn’t get it.  Why would anybody use an ice scraper to clean a chicken coop?  BECAUSE IT WORKS!  So I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite tools, and why they work.

In the small coop:

The Ice Scraper:  It’s perfect. It has a telescoping handle to get to hard to reach areas.  Use the scraper end to scrape up any mess that has made it through the shavings to the coop floor.  Use the sweeper end to sweep dirty shavings into the dust pan.

The Dust Pan: Use to catch dirty shavings and transfer them to the bucket.

In the large coop:

The Rake:  Use to sweep dirty shavings in the big coop. The tines make quick work of the majority of the shavings.  You can use the back side after that if you want to get every last shaving.  To spread fresh shavings, you have to hold the rake a couple of inches off the floor – I’ve thought of getting another rake and removing all but the outer tines.  I have a feeling that might be an easier way to spread fresh shavings.

The Square Ended Shovel: Use to scrape floor in the big coop and scoop dirty shavings into a wheelbarrow or bucket.

In both coops:

The Bucket: Use to gather dirty shavings and carry them to the composter.

The Toilet Bowl Brush: Use to scrub out waterers.  A green slime tends to grow in there.  Be sure to scrub them out AT LEAST once a week, especially in the summer.

The Broom (minus handle): Great for cleaning out nest boxes, which can be hard to get into with the brush on the ice scraper.

If you have a coop, what are your favorite tools?  Have you ever gotten scolded for stealing your spouse’s ice scraper?  What is the strangest item you use with your chickens?  I’d love to hear.



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