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Day 1: We spent all day Sunday in the incubator waiting for our brothers and sisters to finish hatching. It was so crowded! But that’s ok. We like to snuggle.

Week 1 Day 1 Bator

Day 2: We got to move to our brooder box today. Mama says it’s too little, but we like to be cozy. It’s very cold outside. When Mama brought us to the garage we could hear the wind blowing hard. She kept us covered up and warm but it was still a little scary.

Week 1 Day 2 Box

Day 3: Today Mama took some of us to visit her friends. There were loud children, but we liked it because they kept asking to hold us. We still like to cuddle. A nice lady took our picture over and over and over.
Mama noticed that several of us are already getting our first wing feathers. She says it won’t be long at all until we are teenagers with real feathers everywhere.  (Thank you Rachel Rockwell for taking this beautiful picture! And the others I shared on Facebook.)

Week 1 Day 3 Rachel pic

Day 4: Today we got to go outside! It was very exciting. There was yummy grass and even a few little bugs. The sunshine felt so good. Mama laughed when some of us jumped up on her lap to cuddle. We still like to cuddle.

Week 1 Day 4 Grass

Day 5: We moved to the big brooder today.  We like it here!  There is room to run and play and Mama can sit right next to us and talk to us. It’s not as scary having her beside us. Sometimes it was scary in the other brooder when we’d see her way up above us like a hawk.

We can hear grown up chickens outside now. Mama says that they are the real mamas of some of us. But they don’t know that they are mamas, and they would be mean to us.  We will meet them soon through a fence, and when we grow up we’ll all be good friends.

Week 1 Day 5 Brooder

Day 6: J-Bear got to stay home with us today. He helped take us outside for our playtime. He is funny. We like him.

Week 1 Day 6 Jamison

Day 7: Today started out rainy.  Mama came and sat with us for a long time and we had a nice long talk.  We were afraid that we might not get to play outside today.  But later it cleared up.  We learned how to take a dustbath today!  Even though the ground was a little wet, it still felt so good!  And it made Mama laugh out loud.

Day 8: It’s Easter and we are officially all one whole week old!  Mama thought it would be fun to take a picture of us next to some eggs like the ones we hatched from.  See how we’ve grown!

Week 1 Easter Eggs

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