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Have you ever heard of chicken nipples?  No, this is not a lesson on chicken biology.

Chicken Nipples

Chicken nipples are these nifty little gadgets you can use to make all sorts of chicken waterers.  And the best part of chicken nipples is that, if the container you use to make your waterer is enclosed, the water will stay CLEAN.  If you have chickens, you know what a big deal this is.  If you don’t, you’ll learn!  This is what my old chicken waterer looks like after just one day in the coop, even though I have it up on a block to try to keep out most of the dirt.

Chicken Nipples Dirty Water

You can install chicken nipples in a 5 gallon bucket (a great substitute for standard flock waterers), in a PVC pipe (in your own gravity fed water system – never have to walk into the run to fill a waterer again), or even in the cap of a bottle (chick waterer, or water for a single chicken in isolation).

Here is a little video I made to show you how easy chicken nipples are to install.

You can buy these cool little gadgets all over the web, but I got mine from Amazon.  And I got extra so that I could give a few away to you!  So if you’d like to try making your own chicken waterer, please see the form below for all the ways you can enter.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will be accepting entries through midnight, Sunday June 2, 2013.  The winner will be announced on the blog by Monday, June 3 at 3pm.  Please come back here to see if you won, and use the envelope button at the top of this page to e-mail me your mailing address by June 5 at 3pm.  Prizes will be mailed on or before Saturday, June 8, 2013.  Please read the terms and conditions linked in the Rafflecopter form above.

9 Responses to “Chicken Nipples (get your mind out of the gutter please) and a GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Tina Purtee

    We purchased 16 chickens in April and you are so right about the dirty water…oh my goodness. These chicken nipples would be awesome!!

  2. Michele Simpson

    I’ve been debating about the chicken nipples, but after you’re article I’m convinced I will be DEFINATELY doing this!!!!!!!! Thanks for the tips !!!!

  3. Andrea Williams

    Thanks so much for this info!! I’m hoping to make a waterer similar to the one in the video for my beautiful chickens!!

  4. brittbergh

    Looks easy! Ive been wanting to try these for my flock inside the coop so they stop making messes. I have a rain barrel set up next to the coop to use for the gravity fed system

  5. Brandi

    I am so excited!!!!!! My 15 chickens would LOVE to win!!! Oh and I hate the dirty water too!

  6. Susan

    I am new to chickens and so excited about finding your blog today. You seem so “real” and I look forward to following you.

  7. Heather

    Where were you 3 months ago?! Of course, my husband and I used the two drill bits between the 11/ 32 (5/16 and 3/8)! First the holes were too small (5/16), then on to the next bit, then they were just right (3/8), or so we thought. As soon as my husband started turning the nipples into the holes, they just kept spinning, which meant no seal, and I’d be globing on the silicon. Just a few days ago, the bucket finally started to leak – like a sieve. Not wanting to glob on silicon every 3 months, I needed a more permanent solution . After two trips to Home Depot, I ended up getting brass plumbing nuts (they are the only nuts that have the right threading that fit the nipple) and rubber washers. I then made a chicken nipple sandwich with the brass nuts, and rubber washers – and voila! No more leaks – – and good bye silicon. With your great tips and my thinking through what I did wrong, now I can help others avoid making the same mistake I did. The hoops we have to jump through just to provide our little hens with good clean H2O, huh?!

    • Becky

      Heather – my husband never imagined how many chicken related honey-do’s I could come up with when he agreed to this little adventure! So glad you figured out a way to fix your waterer without having to start from scratch. Thanks for stopping in. 🙂


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