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I’ve been playing around with the idea of making chicken wire Christmas trees for about a month now.  The concept seemed simple enough, and I had plenty of ideas about how to use them.  The hardest part turned out to be getting a good quality photo of chicken wire.  I’ve had these sitting in my kitchen for weeks now, trying to get photos in different kinds of light and on different backgrounds.  Good grief!

Chicken Wire Trees

So now that I’ve worked that out, let me show you how to make these and a few ideas of cute ways to use them.

I made my trees of 24″ wide chicken wire with 1″ openings.  You should be able to make bigger trees by just adjusting the measurements.

First I cut a 2’x2′ square of chicken wire.  Using a yardstick kind of like a compass, I worked my way around trimming the wire into a 1/4 circle like this.

Wire Cut

Then I gently curved the wire into a cone shape.  You’ll see that one side of the cone is straight because it is the original edge of the chicken wire.  The other edge is made of jagged wire ends since that’s the side you cut.  I bent the wire ends over the straight edge from the outside in to secure the cone shape.  I found this to be solid enough for my purposes, but if you want to be able to treat these more roughly or store them year to year, it would be simple to “sew up” those free edges with some fine wire from the hardware store.

Attaching Edges

Since the bottom edges were also jagged, I folded up about 1″ towards the inside of the tree all the way around.  Chicken wire bends rather easily, and you can mash around on it until it is flat enough to sit steady on a table or other surface.

Folding Under

At the top of your tree will be a few loose wires.  Depending on how you will be using the tree, you might choose to bend them over and tuck them inside, trim them off, or twist them and let them stand up to hold a “tree topper”.

Naked Chicken Wire Tree

Now that your tree has been formed, there are so many things you can do with it.

Leave it plain, or paint it.

Painted Tree

Use it to display cards or photos.  I used some mini clothes pins to put my cards on this tree and I love it!

Card Tree

Light it for use outside or in. (If you want to place it outside, I’d recommend weighting it down, or pinning it to the ground)

Lighted Tree

Or decorate it for a cute table ornament.

Blurred Tree

Oops – sorry for that last blurry pic.  I’ll confess, those decorations are being kept confidential for a future blog post.  You’ll just have to come back next week if you’re interested.  I’ll be posting that one on Tuesday, December 10.


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8 Responses to “Chicken Wire Christmas Trees”

  1. Betty

    The chicken wire Christmas tree reminded me of the ones that we has in the 60’s. Some people stuffed the chicken wire holes with pretty tissue napkins…thus creating a unique tree. I was a kid, but I do remember that bulbs were then hung between the napkins and on the wire. I MUST look for family photos. The tree form reminded me of those “Unique” trees…of course it was the 60’s after all.:))

  2. Mary Barber

    I can see wrapping the cone with a pine garland and putting the string of lights on the inside, poking the bulbs through to the outside, thus eliminating the cord showing…..just a thought. I may have to try it.

  3. Debbie

    I have red hens and I have plenty of chicken wire fence. This will be a great idea just as long as my hens won’t mind me using there old wire.
    Thank you for the idea. I might even decorate there coop with a tree.



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