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Here at Chicken Scratch, we thoroughly enjoy our laid back, country lifestyle – especially in the summertime!  As soon as the weather starts to get warm, we are outside in our bare feet, enjoying the chickens and the grass between our toes.  All that time in the sunshine and fresh air means that we have to keep a drink handy, and Kool-Aid is a tasty and convenient beverage that helps us stay hydrated.

Kool-Aid Casual Summer #KoolOff #shop

There’s always plenty of work to be done outside.  Mr. Fix It likes to keep most of our 10 acres mowed, so we use our two riding mowers and two brushhogs to work together and knock out those acres in nothing flat.  Sometimes we have fun riding circles around each other or having lawnmower races to make the work pass more quickly. And everything is more fun when we #KoolOff with a glass (or mason jar) full of our favorite Kool-Aid beverage.

Kool-Aid and Yard Work #KoolOff #shop

This week I knew that we had several big busy days planned, so I decided to stop by my local Walmart for a 96 oz. Ready To Drink Kool-Aid bottle, and some of the great convenient drops that can be added to our water bottles on the go.  They were easy to find in the beverage aisles, which was great because I certainly didn’t have time to hunt them down!

Kool-Aid at WalMart #KoolOff #shop

When our busy week was through, to reward ourselves for all our hard work, we decided to spend an afternoon at the lake.  We live just 5 minutes from Oologah Lake, so it’s always easy to make little spur of the moment fishing trips.  Just throw the rods and tackle boxes in the truck, along with a few bottles of water and our Kool-Aid drops, and we’re good to go!

Kool-Aid and Fishing Guys #KoolOff #shop

Hey Mr. Fix It – NO FAIR!  I’m the one who likes to hold the camera!

Kool-Aid and Fishing #KoolOff #shop

When we got home from fishing, we had a picnic on the patio.  This is how we have dinner most nights in the early summertime (until the Oklahoma heat gets absolutely oppressive in late July).  I was so happy that our 96 oz. bottle of Kool-Aid was still going strong.  And so was J-Bear, as you can see.

Kool-Aid and Dinner on the Patio #KoolOff #shop


Here’s some extra special news for those of you in the following locations:

Jim Dillard, pro fisherman, could be coming to your local Walmart to help promote the new 96oz Kool-Aid bottles! There will be product giveaways, t-shirts, games, and more fun activities!

Friday May 30th 5-7pm: 13675 Highway 43 Russellville, AL WM Supercenter

Saturday May 31st 3-5pm: 3100 Hough Rd Florence, AL WM Supercenter

Saturday May 31st 6-8pm: 517 Avalon Ave Muscle Shoals, AL WM Supercenter

Friday June 20th 5-7pm: 1210 Mineral Wells Ave Paris, TN WM Supercenter

Saturday June 21st 3-5pm: 1225 Paris Rd Murray, KY WM Supercenter

Saturday June 21st 6-8pm: 809 N 12th St Murray, KY WM Supercenter

Friday August 8th 5-7pm: 360 Harbison Blvd Columbia, SC WM Supercenter

Saturday August 9th  3-5pm: 1326 Bush River Rd Columbia, SC WM Supercenter

Saturday August 9th 6-8pm: 2401 Augusta Rd West Columbia, SC WM Supercenter





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  1. Jenna Wood

    I am jealous, take me fishing with you! It’s easy to see how convenient Kool-Aid had made it to grab and go- I love how simple the drops are to control flavor in water bottles! #Client

  2. facebook_HopeInEverySeason

    I love the cup idea…that must be a Southern thing as I’d never seen that until I got here! You look so cute and skinny…you look like a teenager! Looks like a fun day for you all!


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