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Make some fun with your family this Halloween when you make your own string of Egg-O-Lanterns!  These cute little guys are fun and easy for even little ones to get involved.


You will need:

  • Eggs
  • Orange holiday mini-lights
  • Supplies for blowing eggs (needle and small syringe will make this easier)
  • Dremel or electric nail file (or your choice of way to create large hole in egg to accommodate light)
  • Glue gun
  • Orange egg dye or Orange marker (I used a Sharpie)
  • Black Sharpie marker or similar

You have two options to begin.  You can dye your raw eggs orange and then blow them out.  Or if you prefer (I did) you can blow out the eggs first and then color them orange with markers (I used an orange Sharpie).  Click the link if you don’t know how to blow out your eggs.  Make the hole in the top big enough to accommodate the light.  I varied my eggs, making the small end the top of some, the large end the top of others.  I like the varied shapes.

Coloring-My-Egg-O-Lantern 640x640

Now just let your family loose on these little guys with black Sharpies.  They may choose to draw traditional Jack-O-Lantern faces, other characters, or anything else they can imagine.


Use a glue gun to place a ring of glue around each light and then slide on the eggshell until the glue touches the top of the egg.  I used a cool glue gun, so I could use my fingers to manipulate the glue a little and make it look the way I wanted.  I skipped a couple of lights between each Egg-O-Lantern and I like the way that turned out.



We had so much fun making these!  I think we’ll be taking them to our church’s Fall Festival to add to the decorations around our “Jack-O-Drop” PLINKO game.  I think they’ll be a super cute addition.



7 Responses to “Egg-O-Lanterns”

    • Becky

      Mine too. One thing I learned doing these. The color you put on the eggs doesn’t come through. I tried them with white lights and they weren’t orange at all in the dark. Had to go buy orange lights.


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