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I have bought several feeders and waterers for my chickens and I thought I’d share with you which ones I love and which ones I HATE  (and there are a couple I really hate!)

Starting with chick feeders and waterers…

These are my chick feeders and waterers (I have multiple waterers like the one shown).  The waterer is perfect.  It’s easy to clean and shallow so that chicks can’t drown.  I have heard that you can use a mason jar with these type waterers also, though I haven’t tried it because all I had were wide-mouth jars and they don’t fit.  But if you did use a mason jar, it would be even easier to sanitize and might be heavy enough to keep the chicks from pushing it around when they get bigger.  By the time chicks are a couple of weeks old they can start using the big waterers if you have room for them in their brooder.  The red feeder is my favorite.  It pops open easily with hinges so it’s super-quick to fill and easy to clean.  The long metal feeder is a close second.  The lid slides off, which is a little more difficult than the red one, but still not bad.  Both are easy to open up and scrub out when they need to be cleaned.  The round feeder was my first feeder, but it is one that I will NEVER buy again.  It is absolutely impossible to open.  I have to get Mr. Fix It to open it every time, and it takes even him a long time to get that crazy-tight lid off.  Most times I just dump feed over the top and hope that enough falls in through the holes to get it full, but I really don’t like that because if the feeder is dirty the feed is running off the top of it and back into the bin.

Now for the big feeders and waterers…

The only feeder pictured here is in the front.  It is the basic feeder that almost everyone has, and there is good reason for that.  It is easy to use, easy to fill, easy to clean.  If there is a down side, it is the open top that chickens can hop up and perch on.  I have an idea to deal with that problem that I will be trying over the next few weeks, and if it works out I’ll post the results here.  If you have a solution, please post it in the comments!  The waterer on the left is the most basic and it’s also my favorite.  Again, easy to fill, easy to clean, just perfect.  The only down side is that these waterers can rust.  The plastic waterer in the center is my second favorite.  I LOVE the way it fills.  See the little black cap on the left side.  You take that off and use it to plug the hole near the bottom.  Then you remove the lid and fill it.  SO easy!  The down sides to this one is that the narrow top makes it a little harder to scrub out, and it is huge, so if you try to move it after you fill it, it is very heavy!  The waterer on the far right is the waterer I regret buying.  I bought it because I wanted something to use in winter to keep waterers from freezing.  See the cord?  It’s got a heated base.  Cool, right?  Well, not so much.  To fill this one you are supposed to flip the whole thing over and remove a plug in the bottom and fill it through a tiny hole.  Trying to get water running in that hole out of an outdoor faucet without getting drenched is not easy.  Then it’s time to flip the whole thing over.  The trouble is that if the top (the white part) gets rotated just a little bit, it unlocks from the base and you dump all the water.  It’s kind of tricky to get that thing flipped over without rotating the base, although I can do it now that I know it’s a problem.

So those are my favorite (and least favorite) feeders and waterers.  In a later post we will talk about feeders and waterers you can make yourself.  What kind of feeders and waterers do you use?





4 Responses to “Favorite (and least favorite) Chicken Feeders and Waterers”

  1. April

    I use a plain plastic 5 gallon bucket slipped over the top of the feeder to keep my hens out of it. They still hop up on top but at least it keeps the feed clean and dry. I have another feeder that I fashioned a cone top out of chicken wire and I hang that feeder with rope from the coop ceiling 6-8 inches of the ground in the coop. The extra height gives me just enough room to rake/sweep underneath and the girls can’t scratch the feed out on to the ground. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Becky

      Since I wrote this, I started hanging my feeders and have had no more problems with chickens on top. Thanks for your suggestions! The bucket idea is awesome.

  2. tammy

    For my waterer i took a 3″ deep very thick rubber bowl and put a float valve with hose hook up in it so that it refills constantly. I just go and dump the water and clean it once a week and my chickens have clean water all the time 🙂

  3. Valerie

    I have the red water feeder that u said u could use a mason jar on. I just cant seem to figure out how to fill il


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