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♫♩♩♩Making a list and checking it twice ♫♩♩

This time of year I make lots of lists.  I make lists of habits I want to start in the coming year, goals for myself and my family, and things I want to try.

Today I looked through my Pinterest boards at all the many things I’ve pinned over the last year.  There are so many projects there that I wanted to try, and just never found the time or even thought of again.  So I picked out a few from my Eggshell Crafts board that I think are “do-able” and I’m promising to myself I will find the time to make them some time in the coming year.

Silk Dyed Eggs


Aren’t these silk dyed eggs cute!  Mr Fix It doesn’t even wear ties – so I’ll be hitting the thrift store.



Who knew eggshells could make such pretty jewelry?

Crochet Egg Hangers


This is supposed to be an Easter project, but I think some eggs dyed red and green would make this a pretty Christmas ornament.  And I’m a very slow crochet-er.

Dremel Eggshell


Mr Fix It bought me a Dremel just so I could try this, so I’ve gotta make it work!

I’d love to hear what projects you are planning to tackle next year!  I might have to add to my list.

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