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  1. Debbie Schoppe

    no its down right good that is the way i was raised to cook fried chicken i always added a little salt after they were cooked and cooked in a cast iron skillet the key is just as you said not to crowd the pan and cook longer at a med temp so chicken is done. i also add garlic powder to my flour, with season salt , salt and pepper and then i also add little to my egg bath. Double dipping is the key you want it to be crusty…My mom was from Louisiana and I grew up on soul food. nothing intimidating about eating fried chicken. please. If its intimidating then go get some fast food…that is intimidating to me. home cooked is the best…you are not getting all the preservatives, added components that you cant even pronounce. try placing a nugget from a fast food place under your car seat and leave for a month. It will not break down so there for it will not break down in your body. It is stored straight to fat. I am a nurse and i have done my research. this is just my opinion not a stated fact.

  2. Debbie Schoppe

    I have so many great Cajun recipes that my grandmother who talked Cajun french to my mom and then handed down to me. I often thought about my dream would be to have a Cajun food cart. I have a excellent recipe for Boudin that was my great grandmothers. I made it once and it was all gone in 2 days. My mom has passed but before she left me i asked her to explain her recipes she never measured anything…. would like to share.


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