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Part of my new healthier lifestyle is drinking lots and lots of water (usually close to a gallon a day). And recently I also started adding Lemon or Peppermint oil from Young Living Essential Oils to my drinking water. I learned that putting essential oils into a plastic container was not a good idea, so I went shopping for a glass bottle. Those of you who know me personally, know that I can be rather clumsy and have a bad track record with glass. I think I’ve broken four heavy glass measuring cups in the last year, along with countless dishes and glasses.


That’s why I was excited when I found this great 20 oz. shatterproof bottle on Amazon. While I haven’t intentionally thrown it down to check, I have given it several hard knocks and haven’t managed to break it yet.  It is lighter than any other glass bottle I’ve seen and comes with a great neoprene sleeve that offers a nice gripping surface, a loop for carrying, and insulation to keep my water chilly longer. I love the loop that’s big enough to go around my wrist or loop over my purse strap. I also love that the sleeve is removable when I’m ready to wash the bottle. I found lots of bottles with silicone sleeves, but those couldn’t be removed and I wondered what would happen as water and dirt got trapped between the silicone and the glass. Another great feature was the stainless steel lid. All the other glass bottles I looked at had plastic lids, and I wondered – if it isn’t good to put water in a plastic container, then what about these plastic lids? Wouldn’t they have the same problems? But stainless steel is another great option when using essential oils, so I know that everything about this bottle is totally safe! The mouth is big enough to put in ice cubes, but not so big that I feel like I’m drinking from a jar like the wide mouthed bottles I’ve had before.  I loved the bottle so much that I bought a second, and now my husband wants one too!


I also loved it enough that I went out on a limb and contacted the company that placed the bottles for sale on Amazon to see if I could get a deal for you. Greg was very helpful, and offered a $5 discount for the first 25 bottles purchased. Just enter your e-mail address for your coupon code! (I did not receive any other compensation for this post. I’m not being paid for a good review. I just REALLY love this bottle!) If you love this bottle as much as I do, I’m sure Greg would appreciate a nice word on Amazon, so please go leave a review for him.

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