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I realize that you think I am late – but actually I am right on time – for me. When I was a kid my Nanny often said “The best laid plans…” when something didn’t go quite right.  That has been my theme since Christmas day.  I’d intentionally taken the month of December off from blogging to enjoy the crazy busy holiday season.  I knew it would be a hard one on my family, being our first without Nanny.  I thought I would spend the week after Christmas writing a bunch of blog posts, and then post them starting New Years Day.  It was a nice plan… Actually, Christmas Day I woke up with a bad sore throat.  I hate doctors so I tried self-medicating.  I was getting worse, so finally the day after New Years I went to the doctor.  He gave me great medicine that really helped, but then I had a bad reaction to the codeine cough syrup and spent a whole day fighting nausea.  After that I felt better as far as the cold symptoms went, but I just felt weak and lethargic and sporadically light-headed.  Today was the first day I woke up feeling truly better and full of energy.  I promptly declared it

≈Becky’s New Year≈

Nanny’s rule was always that she would to do everything on New Years Day that she wanted to be able to do the rest of the year.  Did you catch that?  Not everything that she wanted to do, but everything she wanted to be able to do. That meant that her list of things to do included things she loved like shopping and fishing, but it also included doing a little house cleaning and working in the yard – because she wanted to be able to during the next year.

I decided that, since I’d basically slept through Nanny’s New Year tradition and New Years Resolutions too, I’d take today to do all those things that I’d missed out on last week when I was sick.  

I started by deciding to eat healthy and track my calories…

New Year Breakfast

Then I started cleaning the house that’s been neglected for over two weeks now.  It made me so happy to make my bed again (notice those super-cute chicken pillow cases!)…

New Years Bed

I rounded out the day by cooking one of my family’s favorite meals, spending some time outside with my chickens, doing a matchup for Money Saving Queen EARLY, and writing this blog post.

So, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope your family has had a smoother start to the year than mine has.  But if you haven’t, guess what?  You can designate tomorrow as YOUR NEW YEAR!  Start over as often as you need to.  There are no New Year police waiting to jump on you.  Just make your own fresh start and decide that tomorrow will be a good day!

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