July 20, 2012 | 2 Comments

The next person I’d like to introduce to you is my daughter, J-Ella (name changed).

(Senior pictures by Clear Lens Photography.  If you are near Atlanta, they are amazing!)

When she was little I used to tease her by singing “J-Ella, Dressed in yella, Doesn’t wanna, Kiss a fella” and she would say “J-Ella, Dressed in yella, DOES wanna kiss a fella!!”  That was probably the beginning of her boy-crazy tendencies.  She was such a generous and loving child, and so very smart. As she has grown she has developed the most quirky and silly and wonderful sense of humor.  She is sensitive and compassionate.  She loves children and she is crazy-loyal to her friends. She has grown into an amazing young woman.  I’m so proud of her and everything she does!

J-Ella has the most amazing voice! She is shy, so it’s hard to get her to sing for us often, but when she does she blows everyone away.  She will have to learn to overcome that shyness since she plans to be a choir teacher someday.  She just graduated high school, and will be headed off to college in the fall.  I’m so grateful that she isn’t going to school TOO far from home.  I’ll miss her but she’ll be able to visit as often as she likes – and if that isn’t often enough, I’ll just go visit her!

Since she will  be off at school, J-Ella probably won’t be a huge part of the stories on this blog, but she is an important part of my family and a huge part of my heart, and I wanted you to know her too!

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