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Independent Consultant_Vertical Lockup -640 widthHave you noticed the new “Jamberry Patch” Tab that I added to the navigation this week? You all know that I stay home with Josie, and I’m always looking for something I can do from home to supplement our income. Becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant is my most recent venture, and I hope you won’t mind this short “commercial”.


I really am selling these because I love them! I’ve never been able to give myself a decent manicure. I could never get my right hand painted as pretty as my left. I’d smudge them before they got dry. Sometimes my nail polish was old and it would be gummy even after it “dried”. And if I managed to get them done well enough, I’d just chip them right away. When I was working outside the home, I started going to get my nails done. That was great – but EXPENSIVE! I just couldn’t afford it anymore once we didn’t have that second full time paycheck.


I’m a country girl who likes to be pretty too. I dig in the dirt, weed gardens and flower beds, take care of chickens, and just generally treat my hands really rough! Normal nail polish doesn’t stand up to that abuse.

Jamberry fixes all that!

Jamberry nails stay beautiful for up to 2 weeks (6 weeks on toes)! They cost just a few dollars per application, vs $30+ at the salon. And I can have such a wide range of options, from classic solid colors, to french tips, to crazy bold patterns!


So how can you enjoy Jamberry nail wraps too? Here are some options for you:

  1. Request a sample (email me your address – use the button at the top of this page)
  2. Order from my online store (until 3/31 please select my “Launch Party” at checkout)
  3. Host a party and earn free products (you can have a Facebook party no matter where you live, or host a party in your home – Tulsa area only)
  4. Join my team and get all your Jamberries at a discount!

I’d also love it if you’d follow my new Jamberry page on Facebook.

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