Update on the Spring Chicks – 13 Weeks

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It’s hard to believe that just 3 months ago we were cuddling with these adorable little fluffy butts.  I’m focusing in on the Good Shepherd Barred Rocks for this post – since they are going to be the majority of my flock.  (The cute little black chick with white wing-tips is a GSBR) And today… Read more »

An Open Letter to My Grandmother

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You all know that I write often about my Nanny.  She and I had a very special relationship and I think of her so often, so I write of her often as well.  But I have another grandmother who you should meet.  One who is still here with us.  And there are some things I… Read more »

Okies and Storm Shelters

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After watching much of the news coverage yesterday, I felt like the national news did a fairly good job at showing who we really are… They told of our strength. They told of our resilience. They told how we love our neighbors. They showed our spirit. They showed our faith.   But the one thing that… Read more »

Coop Renovations

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Well, you might have seen my Facebook posts about the Big Spring Cleaning and minor Coop Renovations that have been happening over here lately.  I thought I’d show you how our coop has changed over the last year. Building this coop was an experiment in extreme  budget coop construction.  I am blessed to have my… Read more »

My Visit to Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch

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Well, I’m home, and my incubator is full.  I really can’t wait to start walking you through this incubation, but before that, I want to share some things I learned on my trip to Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch Mr. Reese was so nice to take time to talk to a relative newbie about breeding these… Read more »