Half Price Deal Sites

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It’s September now, and while I keep my eyes open for gift ideas all year, this is the time of year that I start really hunting for bargains on things my friends and family will love to receive for Christmas.  Almost everyone these days has heard of Groupon, but lots of other half-price sites have… Read more »

Mr. Fix It Hates Having His Picture Taken

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Mr. Fix It hates having his picture taken, so of course I take it as often as possible.  I’m sorry, but for some unknown reason he thinks he’s not good-looking (whatever!), and I just feel the need to prove over and over (and over) that he’s wrong.  I have one hot husband!  Don’t you agree? He… Read more »

No Distractions Project

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No Distractions

While I was making printable incubation records earlier this week, I decided to revamp my household planning pages – and I thought I’d share them with you also.  I call this my No Distractions Project.  Not too long ago I was reading this book, and on the first day it asked that we make up… Read more »

Chicken TV

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We are in full campaign mode, so instead of writing a long blog post, I used some of my new video editing skills to put together a little montage of my chickens. Chicken TV is great entertainment at our house. Hope you like it too.  Enjoy!   Related posts: J-Bear 4 Prez! Happy Becky’s New… Read more »

J-Bear 4 Prez!

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J Bear 4 Prez

My baby is a politician.  I’m not sure if I should be proud or go into hiding. He came home a couple of days ago and told me he wanted to run.  I was a little nervous about this plan.  I was never involved in school politics.  I don’t have a clue how to campaign… Read more »