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Last May, something happened that permanently changed Read My Chicken Scratch and my life. Several blogger friends were attending a conference called SoFabCon and I decided I’d like to go, too. Even though it was sold out, a friend found a ticket from someone who wouldn’t be able to attend, and a room with three other bloggers I’d never met. YIKES! Ok – rooming with strangers was not on my bucket list – but it turned out to be a great adventure with the great surprise of three new blogger friends at the end. I learned so much in that weekend. Things that have taken my blog from a little hobby to an actual source of income for my family. And I’d love to attend this year too. That’s why I’m entering the #LuvSoFab14 contest being held by #CollectiveBias. Please please pick me to attend #SoFabCon14!


I’d never really considered making money with my blog. I knew other bloggers that did make a pretty good income blogging, but they were the “big guys”. I felt like a very little fish in a very big pond. I didn’t think anyone would ever really follow my blog if they didn’t know me. I had only ever considered my blog to be a place to share stories about my family and my chickens with my friends. But that weekend my perspective changed. I started to see my little blog as it could be, instead of as it had been. In the last eight months this blog has changed in ways I would have never believed possible.


At SoFabCon I learned how to take better pictures!  Rachel Rockwell of Bubbly Nature Creations taught a wonderful session on photography that helped me take things to the next level.  I’m still discovering new things about my camera and photo editing every time I work on a post.  But that conference was the big kick in the pants I needed to help me get started.


I can’t begin to share with you all the other things I learned, but here is just a little part. I learned about SEO. I am ashamed to say that I didn’t even know what SEO was before SoFabCon. But now I’m getting noticed by Google, which gets me noticed by others. I learned about networking, and I made new blogging friends who helped me with that. I learned about managing my time and keeping my focus on my life and my family. I learned about the importance of social media. What a bang I got for my buck!

Oh, and did I mention, we had SO MUCH FUN!


I learned so much, but I still have so far to go. I can’t wait to see where Read My Chicken Scratch can go after #SoFabCon14. But with my daughter getting married this Spring, I just don’t know if I’ll be able to make it work financially.  I hope that you’ll choose my posts for the #LuvSoFab14 contest.

Here’s a shout out to my wonderful blogger friends.  You should check them out!

Friends who were attending and encouraged me to come along:

The roomies:


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    • Becky

      Thanks! I remember too. I thought it was obvious to everyone what a newbie I was. LOL Thank you so much for your advice last year.


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