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I’ve been wanting to try making my own stamped jewelry for quite some time.  I have received a few items from The Vintage Pearl as gifts and LOVE them.  But my budget doesn’t really allow for jewelry purchases right now.  So what’s a girly girl to do?  Make it herself, of course!

Recently I stopped by Hobby Lobby to show my support in their legal fight against our Federal Government (I’ll save my rant on that for the final paragraph).  I saw the stamping tools featured prominently on an end cap and scooped them up right away.  Dreams of beautiful homemade Christmas and Mother’s Day gifts were floating in my head.

I am a horrible procrastinator. These stamps and things sat on my dresser for over a week before I got around to using them, but finally I did.  Here are some of the early results.

Stamping - Finished


I don’t think they are half bad.  (disclaimer – the “believe” and “made with love” tags were purchased at Hobby Lobby, not stamped by me”)

So here is what I did, in case you’d like to try this for yourself.

First I put a non-slip pad under my bench block (I used a scrap piece of steel Mr. Fix It had in the garage rather than a purchased bench block, if you wonder where I got this unique round, shiny one).  Then I taped the blank to my bench block and marked some guides with a pen .

Stamping - measure


After using another piece of tape to narrow the area where I wanted to put my first row of type, I chose a stamp, placed it carefully and gave it a sharp tap with a hammer.

Stamping - Tap


I started with the letter in the center of each row, and worked my way out.

Be very careful each time that you are holding the stamp in the correct position.


Even when you are being very careful to do everything right for a blog post…

Stamping - Oops


Accidents happen.  Oops!  Good thing Hobby Lobby has more blanks.

Good luck stamping.  If you make something you are proud of, send me a picture.  I’d love to see your masterpiece.

Oh yes, and as to my position on Hobby Lobby, I’ll just repeat here what I said on my personal Facebook page (with words in quotation taken from the linked article above):

“If this story is a bore to you right now, try to imagine for a moment what it would be like to be in Hobby Lobby’s position. You don’t have to agree with Hobby Lobby’s opposition to abortion to do this.”  Choose one thing that you believe in your heart is evil. Now imagine that your government required you to provide that thing for someone else. (fully automatic weapons, methamphetamine, child porn?).

(After I’d purchased these things and decided to do this post, I saw a similar post by my friend Rachel who also designed this blog.  Go check out her creations and tutorial too.  And follow her blog, she’s amazing!)


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  1. eileen a cairns

    i dont know exactly how i got on your site only i am glad i did and you are so cool. I wish for people like you in my life. I just wanted you to know that you are one beautiful human being.


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