10 Responses to “Heavenly No Mustard Deviled Eggs”

  1. Michael Ferguson

    That is really ironic I called my grandma nanny to and she got me interested in cooking. I remember when she used to babysit my brother and I. His friends would come over to play and I would stay inside and cook with nanny. I am making the deviled eggs right now. I’m sure they will be delicious. Thank you for sharing such tasty recipes.

  2. Ellen

    I’m allergic to mustard and I’ve never made deviled eggs before but now my life will never be the same! Easy and delicious: thank you so much!

  3. PamTX

    I didn’t have any mustard for the deviled eggs today, so I did a search and found this recipe. It turned out really well. Thanks!

  4. Don

    Mayonnaise and Kraft salad dressing both have mustard as ingredients !

    I’m allergic to the whole crucifies family which includes Canola Oil.

  5. Blue Martinez

    Deviled eggs are amazing honestly. I’m doing intermittented fasting, and once I broke my fast, I wanted something not too heavy, but nutritious. And deviled eggs definitely came to mind. Thanks for sharing this delightful recipe

  6. Marla Irvine

    I always make my eggs with mustard. I was preparing eggs for a last minute invite to a cookout and realized I was out of mustard! I found your recipe and gave it a try. Perfect! I will never use mustard again, unless I am out of vinegar. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Patrick Joseph Johnson

    Uhhhh recipe was great except for the 2 TEASPOONS OF SUGER!!! The suger turned what would have been delicious deviled eggs to suger eggs. Gross.



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