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I LOVE my Androids.  I use a Samsung Galaxy S3 and an Asus Google Nexus 7.  I have a good time scouring “best of the Android Market” lists for new apps.  But there are a few apps I’ve found by accident that are awesome – and I think you might love them too.


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Chicken Apps



If you are new to incubation, this is a great app for you.  If you are homeschooling or have kids who would like to learn more about how baby chicks develop, download it on your tablet for them.

You can set a start date for incubation and then each day for 21 days, you can see what is taking place inside the egg.  You  get a photo of what you should see when candling, an illustration of the development of the chick on that particular day, and a description of what organs are developing and what changes are taking place.

The app also has detailed instructions for incubation.  It even has an option to set alerts to remind you to turn eggs, check humidity/temperature, and any other incubation related task you can imagine.  The only downside is that this app wasn’t developed in America, so while it is in English, the temperature guidelines are in Celsius.  But everything else about it is just amazing, so you should try it out.

Poultry Pal


This app gives you a place to keep track of individuals in your flock.  You can record breed, hatch date, health information, strange symptoms, whatever…  You can track birds by name, leg band color or number, or any distinctive feature you’d like.  There is an egg tracker where you can record how many eggs you get each day and their sizes/weights.  There is also a blog and other articles you can access, as well as a gallery of user photos.

Bible and Spiritual Apps

Prayer Popper


I love Love LOVE this app!  I can’t say that enough.  You input your prayer list including specifics and how often you’d like to be reminded to pray for this person or situation.  At random times throughout the day (you can set the frequency and start/stop times but not specific times for notifications) there is a rather loud POP sound and a cross icon appears in the notifications bar (if your phone is silenced it will not pop but you’ll still see the icon). When you click the cross, you get your prayer list.  It is a great reminder for us to “pray without ceasing”.  Whatever you are doing you can pause for a moment to pray.  If you have time to devote a long period, great!  If you only have a moment, use the moment you have.  And if you are in a situation where you can’t stop to pray (a meeting at work?) you can just leave the icon active in your notification bar until you have the time or dismiss it and start over with the next “pop”.

YouVersion Bible


A great bible app with lots of versions.  You can read online or download specific versions for offline study.  It also has lots of reading plans to choose from.

Logos Bible


I have Logos on my computer, and this app allows me to access much of my library on my mobile phone.  Since I have that online library, I’m not sure which resources are available to you if you aren’t a Logos user, but I know there is, at a minimum, a study bible.  I hope some of you will try it and let me know if it’s as great for non-Logos users as it is for me. (And if you DO use Logos – absolutely download this app!  There is nothing cooler than sitting in church and being able to cross reference a lesson on a whole library of great resources right from your cell phone or tablet.)

Money Saving Apps



I’ve mentioned before how much I love Swagbucks.  Askeroid is a search bar widget that you can put on your phone or tablet with up to four of your favorite searches – including Swagbucks!  I have mine set to Swagbucks, IMDb, Android Market and Wikipedia, but there are literally thousands of searches to choose from.



A great place to watch for deals.  If there is an amazing deal available anywhere, these guys know about it!  You can see the Frontpage deals by just clicking on the app.  A few clicks will get you to the rest of the forums, and you can set notifications if you are searching for something more specific.  (I have mine set to give me any great deals that include the word “guitar” – looking for a good full-sized acoustic or acoustic/electric for J-Bear.)

Miscellaneous Apps

Send 1 With Love


An app that makes it easy to whisper sweet nothings in your sweetie’s ear from miles away!  Lots of unique ways to say “I love you” with the press of one button.  You can let the app choose a random message to send, or with a simple check box change in the settings you can choose from a list every time.  If you decide to upgrade to the paid version, you can save your own messages to send.



Ok – I know that most of you already know about Vine, but if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.  You take a 6 second video to share in an “Instagram style” feed to your friends.  How fun!  (I’m on there, you need to follow me!).  The one down side is that it can’t find your friends through Facebook.  It finds your friends through Twitter, but I use Twitter more for business and media type things, and Facebook is where all my friends are.  So if you don’t follow my Twitter, click the button above and do that first so that we can find each other on Vine too!

Shot Control Camera


This is a camera for your Android where you can change many of the settings (ISO, Focus, White Balance, Filter, Image Size, etc)

I love to find new apps, so feel free to share your favorite Android apps in comments!




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