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One word – SWAGBUCKS

Swagbucks = Free and cheap stuff for doing “Google” type searches.

Do you already Google things?  Me too! Especially when I am learning about something new – like raising chickens – I am on Google all the time.  Why not get something out of it!

If you’ve never heard of Swagbucks you might be skeptical.  It does sound too good to be true.  But it really isn’t.  I’ve been using it for years.  Instead of using Google to search, you use Swagbucks.  You can save a link to it on your desktop or bookmarks, use the toolbar that is available for download on the site, or even use the Askeroid Android App on your phone. Swagbucks is powered by Google, so you get the exact same results.  Several times a day, you will see something like this:

You collect these “Swagbucks” until you have enough to buy something that you want out of the Swagstore.  There are other ways to earn Swagbucks, too.  You can earn more by taking surveys or watching videos.  But you don’t have to do any of those extra things.  Just using it when you would normally use Google will earn you lots of Swagbucks.  I always use mine for an Amazon e-gift card. 450 Swagbucks will get you a $5 Amazon e-gift card.  Then you use those e-gift cards to buy ANYTHING on Amazon.  They even have chicken stuff!  Woo Hoo!


I always shop with coupons and look for sales – but it can be hard to find deals on chicken stuff.  The only coupon I’ve ever seen for chicken supplies came from Purina Difference Rewards.  If you sign up there, you should receive some coupons for Purina Feed.  But with Swagbucks I can save on almost anything – even items that don’t go on sale often!

If you are interested in couponing and saving on everything you buy, visit Money Saving Queen.  I absolutely believe that it is the best money saving site anywhere!  I believe in her so much that I spend time each week volunteering for her website!

So go out and Save Some Scratch this week!  Your wallet will thank you.


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