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Nanny always had two New Years traditions.  One was common, eating black-eyed peas (yuck!).  The other was not so common.  She tried to do everything on New Year’s Day that she wanted to be able to do in the coming year.  Her list always included cleaning house, shopping and fishing (no matter what the weather!).


I remember asking her when I was small, “Why do you clean house, Nanny?  When I’m grown up I’m going to not clean my house on New Year’s because I don’t want to do that!”  But she explained to me that the point wasn’t to do only the things she wanted to do in the coming year, but to do the things she wanted to be able to do.  She wanted to have a home to clean and be healthy and strong enough to clean it, so she would clean house on New Year’s.  She wanted to have enough money to take care of the things she needed and a few of the things she wanted, so she would shop a little on New Year’s.  And she loved to fish, so she would drop a line in the lake, even if only for a few minutes, on New Year’s.

What do you want to be able to do in the coming year?  Here is my list:

  1. Spend some time taking care of and enjoying my chickens.  (That’s my “go fishing”.  Nanny loved to fish – I love my chicks.)
  2. Shop a little (and be thankful for God providing the means to do that).
  3. Clean my house a little (and be thankful for my comfortable home, the family that lives in it, and the health and strength to care for it).
  4. Care for Josie a little (and be thankful for a strong back and Mr. Fix It’s income that allows me to be home with her).
  5. Show love to as many of my loved ones as I can (and thank God that each of them is still with me – as well as thanking Him for time I was given with the ones that have gone).

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