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This is Molly.  She was formerly known as Fluffy #3 (J-Bear‘s name choice – I have no idea). I think she’s every bit as pretty as her namesake.  What do you think?

Pretty in Pink resize


She is our sweetest Ameraucana girl, and the favorite girlfriend of Roo Roo (our Ameraucana boy).  Most of the time when we go out to the coop, Molly can be found hovering near Roo Roo – you know how obsessive we girls can be when we’ve found “The One”.

Unfortunately, chicken “romance” can be a little hard on a hen’s feathers, and often a rooster’s favorite girlfriend ends up looking like this.

Pretty in Pink missing feathers


I was feeling sorry for poor Molly, especially as the temperatures started to drop, and I didn’t want Roo Roo to cause any further damage, so I went to Amazon and used my Swagbucks to buy Molly her fashionable pink jacket (officially known as a hen apron or chicken saddle) made by Hen Saver.

She was so funny when we first put it on.  She sat very still for a long time, and when she would move, it was walking backwards in a circle.  According to the Hen Saver website, this was her attempt to get it off, though it didn’t look like she was really trying to wiggle out of it.  We kept her with us in the yard and gave her treats until she started behaving a little more normally, then we took her back to the coop.  The other chickens were just as funny as she was.  They didn’t know what to make of her.  They cackled and looked at her like she was an alien – from FAR in the opposite corner of the run.  And anytime she tried to walk towards them they flew in a million different directions trying to get away.  Eventually Roo Roo got brave enough to let her come near, and soon after that everyone was back to normal.

If you try a hen apron with one of your girls, I would keep a careful eye on your flock for a little while, just to make sure the others are going to accept her back into the flock and not pick at her.  Normally they will adjust within an hour or two, but it’s worth being attentive just to be sure.

If you’d prefer to make your own hen apron, there are a number of patterns available online. Here is one from Prairie Sunrise Homestead and another from Homesteading Today.  They look simple enough, and if I hadn’t been able to get mine free with Swagbucks, this is the way I would have done it.



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