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Lemon Poke Cake - Feature

I know that lemon poke cake recipes are all over the web – and that’s why I have waited over a year to post this one.  But honestly, this is the one my family has loved since before I can remember.  And it’s different from most that you see on Pinterest because there is no lemon jello or pudding.  The yummy lemon flavor comes from real lemon juice – or in my case ReaLemon lemon juice.  (No this is not a sponsored post.  ReaLemon has no idea I’m promoting their product.)

My mom used to buy ReaLemon for this cake in those cute little lemon shaped bottles.  We buy ReaLemon by the 48 oz jug, and not just one 48 oz jug, but at least four at a time.  Mr. Fix It had a problem with kidney stones a few years ago, and his specialist recommended lemonade.  LOTS of lemonade!  Mr. Fix It hasn’t had a kidney stone since.  He drinks about a quart a day.  I drink some too, just because it’s yummy.  So we go through a lot of ReaLemon.

Lemon Poke Cake - ReaLemon

Now back to that recipe.  It’s really just a yummy glaze to put on a boxed lemon cake.  But it makes it so good!

ReaLemon Poke Cake Recipe
Recipe type: Dessert
Here's all you need:
  • 1 box Lemon Cake Mix (baked as directed)
  • 2 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 3 tablespoons Butter (softened (not melted))
  • 3 tablespoons Lemon Juice
  1. That's it. You just bake the cake.
  2. While the cake is baking, mix up your powdered sugar and butter then slowly add in the lemon juice until you have a nice drizzly glaze. You might like a touch more or less lemon juice to get a consistency you like, but 3 TBSP is perfect for me.
  3. As soon as the cake comes out of the oven, poke holes all over the top with a fork and then pour on your glaze. It will melt into the cake and leave a lovely sheen on the top.


Lemon Poke Cake - Glaze

This cake is great the day you bake it, but my family likes it even better the second day.  It seems to get more moist and lemony overnight.


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17 Responses to “ReaLemon Poke Cake Recipe”

    • Becky

      I never do and mom never did either. Just from personal experience I’d say it’s safe, but I’m not an expert.

    • Becky

      OK, I did a little googling and found other similar glazes with lemon juice that did not recommend refrigeration. I found one site that suggested the combo of the acid in lemon juice with the sugar would keep it from spoiling.

  1. Sheila S

    Love lemon and am gonna try this recipe this week. Got to get to the store and get the Realemon. Sounds yummy.

  2. Sonia Hull

    I have used a yellow cake mix and replaced 1/3c of the water with Realemon or more if you like more lemon flavor.

  3. Sherrie

    I do not put it in the frig. I use fresh lemon juice. Have made it for years. You can add some lemon zest if you like.

  4. Joanie Wharff

    Yes, I use Fresh lemon juice &, don’t waste the Zest (yum!), I put it in the cake & glaze , I Love Lemon! Oh, I also quite often put Poppy Seeds in the Cake, Too!…Yum! I guess it’s the Czech in me (1/2)!… Lol. I just love lemon & poppy seeds….a really good combination!!
    If you want get a little fancier, put a Lemon-Cream Cheese Frosting on it (then, you need to refrigerate it). Then, it’s nice for a birthday cake ‼️ It’s my absolute Favorite flavor!

  5. Chris

    Looked all over for this recipe – my Mom used to make it and the only thing I could remember is that it most certainly did not have lemon jello or pudding in it and that she used ReaLemon in the glaze. Thank-you, thank-you for publishing. Can’t wait to make it and have my husband try it.

  6. Jessica

    New family favorite! I use a butter yellow cake mix & use lemon juice & lemon zest in the batter. Thank you!!!

  7. Elise

    Money is tight and i had a cake mix but i didn’t want a frosting on it, too sweet. Was looking for a glaze and most contained stuff i didn’t have. Then i saw this and my mouth watered. I have been craving lemon somerthing and this hit the spot. Im not sure how much juice i put in i just filled my bowl with confectioners sugar, some butter and squirted lemon juice until i liked the bitter sweetness! Ty so much. Also other ones i saw did a lemon cake either with pudding or jello ew no thanks this didnt take it over the top or nothing!

  8. Mab

    Thank you so much for this. All I’ve been able to find are the ones with gelatin or pudding. I think yours is the same one my Mom did in the 60’s. She didn’t use the Jello gelatin or the pudding mix, but I remember her using the juice from our backyard Lemon tree (instead of the store-bought ReaLemon) and the Powdered Sugar, and the glaze was very warm because I think I remember she did the glaze in a pan on the stove. Very happy to find this because I can use my own Lemon cake recipe; the boxed cakes just don’t taste good to me anymore, too chemically or processed or something. My Mom would give me a slice while it was still warm and then refrigerate the rest after it cooled. It was very tart and very, very good. I really miss those days. Thanks again. <3

  9. Trudy

    I just made it and used real fresh squeezed lemons- not reconstituted lemon juice in the bottle. I wish i had because my mom used to only use bottled and it was way more lemony. Or I may add some fresh squeezed to the bottled- more is never a problem with all that sugar. second thing is it definitely tastes better the second day when the flavor from the lemon had a chanced to marinate throughout the cake. I don’t refrigerate -it tastes better room temp.



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