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I’m packing my bags today!

I’m so excited to get to know a whole new group of SoFab friends!  Here are 10 fast facts about me.

Me and my daughter at her wedding last month. Photo courtesy of Captured Images Photography.

Me and my daughter at her wedding last month. Photo courtesy of Captured Images Photography.

  1. I keep chickens (would have never guessed that from the name of my blog, huh?). LOTS of chickens. Right now I have 75.
  2. I love the idea of gardening, but have the world’s worst brown thumb.
  3. I think that vinegar, coconut oil, and essential oils can clean, fix or cure just about anything.  Have a headache? Come ask me for a drop of peppermint!
  4. I’m an NRA member and I USUALLY concealed carry (but I won’t at SoFabCon, so don’t get nervous).
  5. Even though the first four facts make me sound like a hippy, throwback gunslinger, I love my tech and would be lost without my gadgets.
  6. I’m looking to remodel my space here at RMCS.  Please leave a comment if you have great ideas for my blog design, or know somebody I could hire for my redesign.
  7. I’m deathly afraid of heights (unless there is a good sturdy rail between me and the ground).
  8. I like to pretend that I’m creative on this blog – but in real life I struggle with trying to come up with new ideas.  My best blog posts are sharing my Nanny’s old recipes.
  9. I love Love LOVE my Jamberry nails!  If you don’t know what that is, you need to come ask me. (And if you need a special manicure during the conference, I’ll have a bunch of Jamberry nails – including the coveted “SoFabCon” Jams – and everything you need to apply them in my room!)
  10. I am super shy, quiet, introverted, socially anxious, whatever you want to call it.  It’s not likely that I’ll come up to you and introduce myself. So I’m bringing bribes to SoFabCon.   Come say hi and be friendly to me and I’ll share my chocolate and SoFabCon Jamberry samples!
SoFabCon Goodie Bag

Be sure to give me a card, and I’ll follow your social media and add your link below.

#SoFabCon14 Friends












8 Responses to “SoFabCon14: Here I come!”

  1. janie riddle

    The girl that does the California Girl meet small town USA has a husband who does web pages for a reasonable price. She is really kind and teaches computer classes for seniors at the tech school in Claremore so you might look her up

  2. Rose Marie B

    Becky, your Mother of the Bride photo is gorgeous! I live in Oklahoma and don’t have chickens, but a goose fell in love with me one time, does that count? I don’t need a bribe to come introduce myself, but you have to promise NOT to Jamberry me. 🙂
    Rose Marie B recently posted…Rose Marie B, An Inventory of MeMy Profile

  3. JamiesThots

    OK first of all, your #5 is hilarious. And I totally wouldn’t care if you carried heat at the conference. It would make me giggle. I remember meeting you at the last conference, I think. I felt so overwhelmed then!

    • Becky

      I’m ALWAYS overwhelmed in a roomful of strangers! I remember you too! This year I’ll be SLIGHTLY less nervous. But only slightly…


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