Great Glass Drinking Bottle – plus a coupon

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Part of my new healthier lifestyle is drinking lots and lots of water (usually close to a gallon a day). And recently I also started adding Lemon or Peppermint oil from Young Living Essential Oils to my drinking water. I learned that putting essential oils into a plastic container was not a good idea, so I went… Read more »

Ad: {{Grilling Ideas}} Oklahoma Winds vs. Tyson Grillin’ Wings

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I was so excited about the cookout I was planning.  The weatherman said we’d have sun (no chance of tornadoes is always a good thing in Oklahoma!).  I had so many great grilling ideas and I’d found the perfect “galvanized” serving platters at Sam’s when I went to pick up burgers and Tyson Grillin’ Wings…. Read more »

Drink Kool-Aid for a Casual Chicken Scratch Summer

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Here at Chicken Scratch, we thoroughly enjoy our laid back, country lifestyle – especially in the summertime!  As soon as the weather starts to get warm, we are outside in our bare feet, enjoying the chickens and the grass between our toes.  All that time in the sunshine and fresh air means that we have… Read more »

{Review & Giveaway} What On Earth is Jiva?

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Still not sure what we’re talking about?  It’s coffee! It’s not just coffee – it’s coffee on the go.  Just heat your water or milk, drop in a few Jiva cubes (1 for every 4-6 oz.), and stir. Wait – do you mean instant coffee?  Are you picturing those instant coffee crystals your mom used… Read more »

#LuvSoFab14 – SoFabCon 2013 Changed My Blog!

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Last May, something happened that permanently changed Read My Chicken Scratch and my life. Several blogger friends were attending a conference called SoFabCon and I decided I’d like to go, too. Even though it was sold out, a friend found a ticket from someone who wouldn’t be able to attend, and a room with three… Read more »

#ad Monster Sausage Biscuit Sandwiches

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This sausage sandwich is probably the simplest and quickest recipe you will ever see on Read My Chicken Scratch. It’s also one of the tastiest! When you need a fast and easy breakfast, this is definitely #TheWrightBreakfast for you and your family. Back when J-Bear was just a baby, my friend Naomi first made this… Read more »