Getting Ready to Incubate

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My eggs are perking away in the incubator now, but I thought I’d show you how I get ready to incubate. I printed off my Incubation Record Sheets.  I always number my eggs so I can keep track of weights and candling observations.  This time I am hatching several groups of eggs that I want… Read more »

Dealing With an Aggressive Rooster

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If you have chosen to have roosters in your flock, you will probably have to deal with an aggressive rooster at some point.  This is my aggressive rooster.  I call him RooRoo (the most sissy name possible for the macho man who wants to take me down!) You have to remember that being aggressive is in… Read more »

Winter Chicken Care

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Some new chicken keepers get worried about their chickens when temperatures turn colder.  I’ve even heard of people heating their coops.  The first and primary thing you need to know about winter chicken care is this… Chickens can handle cold weather much better than you can! Chickens have a much easier time in the winter… Read more »

Deep Litter Method

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If you are new to chicken keeping you may not have heard of the Deep Litter Method, or you may have heard the term but not really understood what it was all about.  The deep litter method is a great way to maintain your coop with minimal cleaning required.  It will also keep your chickens… Read more »