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I ♥ tests!  (Yes, I know that’s weird!)  When I was in school, tests were the way I kept my grades up.  I avoided homework at all costs – but give me a test to ace and suddenly the last assignment I failed to turn in didn’t have such a massive impact on my grade!

I realize that most of you do NOT share my enthusiasm for a good test!  That’s why you will be glad to know that this test has no wrong answers.

You may be coming here after an impulse purchase of chicks at the feed store.  If so, do not despair.  Just go back one post and you will find the information you are looking for.  But if you are still just thinking of getting started with chickens, you will have a much more successful start if you plan and prepare a bit BEFORE bringing the new little ones home.

The best place to start is be deciding what you want from your chickens and how much you are willing to invest, both in money and in time.  Today I am posting some questions for you to consider, and over the next couple of weeks we will use those answers to determine what breed(s) of chicken you will choose, how many chickens you should start with, what size and type coop you should build, etc.

So here it is…..
1. Why do I want chickens?
a. Eggs
i. Quality eggs
ii. Cheap eggs
iii. Colorful or interesting eggs
iv. How many eggs will my family realistically eat?
v. Will I sell or give away extra eggs?
b. Looks
i. Show chickens (for yourself or kids in 4H or FFA)
ii. Pretty in my yard
iii. Preservation of endangered breeds
c. Entertainment (Chickens can be FUNNY!)
d. Bug control
e. Composted litter for garden fertilizer
f. Other reasons? (such as sentimental – my grandma always had barred rocks, so I’d like to raise some too)
2. Are there outside influences on how many or what sex of chickens I can purchase?
a. Local laws and ordinances
b. Neighbors who might object to noise or smell
c. Small children who live with or visit me
3. How big a coop do I want to build?
a. Space
b. Money
c. Time to build
d. Time for daily and weekly chicken chores

4 Responses to “The Chicken Quiz – There are no wrong answers!”

  1. Brandi O

    Love your new blog!!! This is a great list to think about. I would also add to the list of why to have them…teach kids responsibility! It has really helped with our kids.

  2. Becky

    ABSOLUTELY! There are SO MANY benefits to owning chickens that aren’t on this list. My purpose was to help people decide what breeds they want. (Some lay more eggs, Some prettier eggs. Some aren’t great for eggs but have great personalities or are prettier birds) ALL the breeds teach the kids responsibility!



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