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It’s hard to believe that just 3 months ago we were cuddling with these adorable little fluffy butts.  I’m focusing in on the Good Shepherd Barred Rocks for this post – since they are going to be the majority of my flock.  (The cute little black chick with white wing-tips is a GSBR)

Week 1 Day 3 Rachel pic

And today most of them are as big or bigger than my year+ old hens.


These are absolutely the prettiest young roosters I’ve ever raised.  I’m in love.  The boys you see above are 4 of the 6 GSBR roosters that I raised this spring.  I also have 6 roosters of other breeds that I will likely be selling or culling.  The large pic is the rooster that I believe will turn out the best.  He’s slow to mature – which is something Frank Reese told me to look for.  The rooster in the bottom pic is the prettiest right now, but I’m just certain that he is maturing too fast.   But each of these pretty boys just makes me happy.


The hens are gorgeous also.  Look at that beautiful barring!  I’m pretty sure I ended up with 15 gorgeous barred rock girls (though I’ve been fooled by a late-blooming boy before!)  I also included a pic of my favorite Ameracauna hen.  She is a little sweetie!  I can’t wait until she starts laying me some pretty blue eggs.


Finally, my favorite little practically perfect beauty, Mariah.  She is so sweet and her bars are beautiful.  But this pretty girl has a pretty distinct under-bite.  I’ve never had a chick with any sort of beak problem before.  I’ve researched like crazy to see what I need to do about it.  It seems to be a little odd for a chick to have an under-bite – I find tons about cross beaks, but not much about this.  I’ve tried to file it down a bit, but I’m afraid to do too much and hurt her.  I’m also not sure about using her for breeding.  I found one site that said that it wasn’t genetic and breeding was fine, and otherwise she is beautiful, but I’m just not sure.  Any advice?

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  1. danielle

    Found your post searching for underbite in chicken. I too have a chick with one. I read somewhere it could be caused by temperature/humidity fluctuations in the egg? I am not brave enough to try filing. I have been watching her closely while eating, drinking and foraging and she seems to be doing well. I figured that the poor hens that have their beaks clipped do ok so an under-bite shouldn’t hurt too much.

    • Becky

      I hatched 32 chicks in the same incubator, and this is the only one with a problem. So, at least in my case, I don’t believe that’s true.
      My girl seems to be doing ok so far. I am filing just a bit at a time, mainly trying to avoid any extra overgrowth since she doesn’t have the top to hone it down.
      So glad you stopped by. I’m going to check out your blog this evening. I’d love it if you’d follow my Facebook or Twitter and stay in touch. I love meeting other chicken bloggers.


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